Z *Canceled* Dharma Talks: A Six-Week Series
Z *Canceled* Dharma Talks: A Six-Week Series
Z *Canceled* Dharma Talks: A Six-Week Series

Court House Square | 1102 A St

Z *Canceled* Dharma Talks: A Six-Week Series

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***This series has been canceled. Leslie, the instructor is quite ill and unable to teach for the time being.***
Have you ever wondered what yoga was really all about, or how to live your yoga off the mat but didn't know where to begin? Dharma Talks with Leslie is an approachable, user-friendly introduction to yogic philosophy! Each Dharma Talk will focus on one aspect of this ancient 8-limbed practice, guiding practitioners of all levels towards a more peaceful and authentic life. 
These one-hour, community-based discussions will be comprised of lecture, journaling, and opportunities to share (though not required!). No poses involved and no mat needed, just bring a notebook/journal, something to write with and an open mind. Dharma Talks are meant to be interactive, so questions are encouraged.
The material in this six-week series is similar to the Dharma Talks at Red Elm Cafe, however, new information will be presented and working in a group for six-weeks allows for more in-depth conversations.
Food and drinks are allowed in the space. There are delicious choices in the building, including Lift Bridge Coffee, Outpost Kitchen, and Infinite Soup. Please follow campsite rules: pack out what you pack in.
*Although some chairs and mats will be available, please bring anything for comfort (pillow, blanket, travel chair, etc)\
What to Bring
  • Notebook/journal
  • Pen/pencil
  • Pillow, blanket, anything comfy seating option you'd like