Z Ease Anxiety: A Six-Week Series
Z Ease Anxiety: A Six-Week Series
Z Ease Anxiety: A Six-Week Series

Tacoma Nature Center | S 19th & S Tyler St, Tacoma

Z Ease Anxiety: A Six-Week Series

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3/11-4/22 | Only the first day will appear on the calendar.
*4/1 - No class, spring break for Tacoma Public Schools 
*4/8 - Casey Hubbell will be subbing for Alison
Feeling worried when faced with a problem at work or school? Does making a decision, big or small, feel you with unease or dread? Anxiety is a complex and multi-causal condition that may look like fatigue, restlessness, lack of concentration, irritability, excessive fear, etc. For people living with anxiety, daily activities and overall enjoyment of life can be interrupted. Understanding how the nervous system impacts anxiety and learning skills to calm the body can make yoga a natural fit in a treatment strategy.
This six-week series is meant as a practical guide to learning about, understanding, and cultivating skills to care for yourself. Each class will offer a variety of techniques (asana/poses, pranayama/breathing, meditation) and the support to practice with a community of others dealing with anxiety. No yoga experience necessary.
Due to high demand and requests, we are offering another Ease Anxiety series. The March series is recommended for new students and returning yogis. If you participated in Alison's recent Ease Anxiety series you may have been presented with new concepts, ideas or vocabulary, yoga or health-related. As with many things, repetition can be a great way to learn. Although many topics for the upcoming series will be familiar, new discussion and postures will be presented as well.
What to Bring
  • Mat (we have extras to borrow)
  • Any props you'd like
  • Water
  • Notebook/journal
  • Pen/pencil