Z Guided Meditation: A Six-Week Series
Z Guided Meditation: A Six-Week Series
Z Guided Meditation: A Six-Week Series

Carpe Diem | 9 St Helens Ave, Tacoma

Z Guided Meditation: A Six-Week Series

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2/20-3/27 - Only the first class will appear on the schedule.

Have you been interested in trying or learning about meditation? Are you curious how to begin or what to do? It's understandable to have questions when starting something new. Research shows a regular meditation practice can serve to reduce stress, increase focus, improve sleep, or improve relationships. Commit to a six-week series in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

The classes will be broken into a few different parts to offer a variety of meditation techniques. Each part will start with a clear description, move into that practice, and close with time for questions and discussion.
*If you are gifted with a heightened sense of smell, please note this is an active massage studio, so there are scented lotions and oils used in this space. 
What to Wear/Bring
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and footwear
  • Floor pillows provided by Carpe Diem
  • Some chairs and bench seating available
  • Journal and pen optional
  • Additional comforts from home optional (personal pillow, blanket, etc.)