*SOLD OUT* Moon Cycle: A Six-Week Series
*SOLD OUT* Moon Cycle: A Six-Week Series
*SOLD OUT* Moon Cycle: A Six-Week Series

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*SOLD OUT* Moon Cycle: A Six-Week Series

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2/19-3/26 - Only the first class will appear on the schedule.
Have you ever wondered why a menstrual cycle is typically the same length as the moon cycle? Whether you menstruate or not, you may notice that your energy changes during the course of this cycle, just like the visible moon. This six-week series is designed to honor that cycle with postures (asana) and practices (pranayama, meditation) that honor both the waxing and waning energy in our cycles. We will also discuss the anatomy of the pelvic floor, how it relates to your core and your breathing, and how to bring balance to this integral, yet often ignored, part of your body. 
These 75-minute classes will include more gentle postures and flow around the new moon, as well as a faster pace and intensity around the full moon. Mandi Jo Murtaugh, a physical therapist and Board Certified Women's Health Specialist, will also provide education about the anatomy of the female pelvic floor musculature, relationship of the pelvic floor to abdominal core/musculature and breathing, and how to incorporate all of that into your yoga practice. The classes will focus on pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation. Discussions will cover changing energy throughout the moon cycle, creativity, and various issues particular to women re: childbearing, menopause, pelvic pain, etc. 
This series is for any self-identifying woman age 16+.
What to Bring
  • Mat
  • Journal
  • Pen
  • Any props from home (not required) like block, bolster, blanket, pillow, etc