Queer and Trans Yoga
Queer and Trans Yoga

Court House Square | 1102 A St

Queer and Trans Yoga

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This class invites folks identifying as LGBTQIA++ & or gender non-binary/non-conforming to explore yoga as a healing practice. Whatever your story is -whether you are questioning, experience straight-passing privilege, or have specific words to describe your identity – this class will meet you as you are.

We will cultivate compassion and build community through intentional movement, exploring themes of LGBTQIA++ identity and mindfulness along the way. For marginalized communities, yoga spaces can be a source of pain and exclusion; as a trans and queer affirming class, we will celebrate and nurture our authentic selves and intersecting truths as we practice together!  

In class, we will explore movement and breath through a slow flow sequence to cultivate healing self-expression and communal wellness. This class is dedicated to meeting the needs of folks that participate, but will always include a combination of asana (physical postures) pranayama (breathing), and some use of props. All bodies and levels of experience are welcome and encouraged.

What to Bring

  • Yoga mat
  • Water