Seasonal Workshop: Summer Edition
Seasonal Workshop: Summer Edition
Seasonal Workshop: Summer Edition

Yoga Wild Studio | 1102 A St, Tacoma

Seasonal Workshop: Summer Edition

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We are not machines. We are not meant to wake up and feel or act the same way every single day. There are ebbs and flows in how we feel, our energy, our willingness to connect or need to withdraw. We are natural, seasonal beings. When you pay attention to what is happening in nature, you may notice similar changes or happenings within. Understanding this allows you to connect to your body’s innate wisdom and the inherent joy of living in balance from season to season.


  • Celebrate the Solstice.
  • Prepare for the new summer season of energy, heat, and expansion.
  • Dive into the impact of a season's change on how you feel, act and behave.
  • Honor the sun and ground with asana practice.

Class Includes

Hour 1:

  • Journaling - reflection and intention setting.
  • Discussion of seasonal impacts on our lives.
  • An offering of options for greater balance and ease through daily rituals influenced by Ayurveda, the science of life.

Hour 2:

  • Asana (yoga postures) practice honoring the sun and cultivating grounding during this very dynamic season. Yoga beginners welcome.

What to Bring

  • Mat - we have extras to borrow
  • Any props you'd like
  • Water
  • Notebook
  • Pen/pencil