GIFT THIS COURSE: How to meditate for beginners

Choice + Consent

Choice and consent are at the heart of all of our classes. We teach discernment, encouraging students to make choices that are right for them.

Hands-on assists are offered in our studio class. We offer assists, not adjustments. Assists can look verbal, directional, or hands-on.

Our intention is not to fix anyone or take them into the deepest version of a pose. Hands-on assists are for guidance, stability, grounding, support, or to encourage out of a potentially injurious alignment.

Consent coasters are available in every studio class.

They support a student's right to say yes or no to touch. Spruce, the meditating Sasquatch, has a body. If a student is okay with their body being touched, they'll face Spruce up. If not, they'll turn Spruce down.