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We are a yoga company for students outside the typical yoga demographic. Too many are excluded from the mental and physical benefits of yoga due to cost or lack of representation. We have a studio with 20 classes a week at sliding-scale pricing. At Yoga Wild, we also encourage students to get out in nature and their community with classes, series, and volunteer work parties throughout Tacoma.


Nature is dirty and muddy and buggy and unpredictable and wild. It is messy and not perfect and the more we are around that the more we realize it’s okay to be messy and not perfect too. 

 We encourage students to embrace these imperfections, to care for their surroundings, and to take action to protect and preserve. 

We spend so much of our modern lives indoors. We strongly believe that to take care of our environment, we have to get out in our environment. 


 At Yoga Wild, self-care is not the end goal. We encourage students to care for themselves so that they can care for their community (and the environment). We teach community-care.

By teaching classes in a variety of locations, we also motivate Tacomans to explore their city. In fact, we spent our first year entirely nomadic. We created a grassroots movement before we opened a brick and mortar.

Our love for Tacoma runs deep and we are out there in it. We meet people face to face by volunteering, vending at local markets, participating in community events and building partnerships.


We aren’t fixing people. We are making an impact by encouraging people to get off their computers, off their screens and out in their community, out in nature.

We offers a variety of yoga classes in a variety of spaces by a variety of teachers. Choice and consent are at the heart of all of our classes. We teach discernment, encouraging students to make choices that are right for them.