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2020 Community Contributions

Yoga Wild contributes 3% of gross proceeds to the community.

All bookings, digital downloads, shirts, hats, totes, membership fees on Patreon, everything. This is where that money goes...


Corporate Social Responsibility Practices (This is the classic business-y term. Anything more current?)

We we share a post in our social media feed that we did not create, we compensate and credit content creators for their work. 





 What does the term "gross proceeds" mean?

All the money we make. Before deducting any expenses, we set aside 3%.

Why haven't you set a goal to diversify your leadership?

Our leadership team consists of our co-founders, Casey and Kelsey, both white women. While we would love to open up space for a BIPOC leader, honestly, these are not positions that come with consistent pay. With each month's revenue, we pay community contributions, our team of teachers, bills. If there's anything left, leadership gets paid.