Have you ever thought "I can’t afford to go to yoga"?

Yeah, us too. And that's ridiculous. In our experience, when we couldn't afford a class is when we needed yoga the most.

We are yoga for students that can’t afford a $20 class, that feel intimidated stepping into a typical yoga studio, that have a hectic family situation and can’t practice at home, or have an unstable home. We are stepping out of the standard yoga studio mold. We are a for-profit business that understands that life happens, that bills pile up, cars break down, jobs can come and go.

We are presenting a middle ground between donation-based and boutique studios. Classes don’t have to be free or donation-only to be accessible and they don’t have to be expensive to be quality.

It's not free yoga. It is good vibes. We are holding space for people to give however they can. They may pay $10 or $5 or they may bring a friend. Or share on social media. Or write a review. All of these impact a small business. People don’t feel less-than for not paying. They feel empowered to find other ways to give and support.

How does it work?

Book your class online and choose what you pay.
That's it.

Drop-In Classes*

Supporter: $10

Sustainer: $5

Community: Good Vibes ($0)

*Includes all studio drop-ins (yoga and meditation) and outdoor drop-ins like rooftop yoga.

Three-Week Series

Supporter: $30

Sustainer: $25

Community: $20

Six-Week Series

Supporter: $60

Sustainer: $50

Community: $40

Our class registration process is done entirely online. We didn't start out this way (there was a summer of cash bags and card swipes), but we've chosen an online booking system for more than a few reasons: 1) Online signups reduce the stigma of our sliding-scale pricing. 2) Online booking and a quick check-in frees up the instructorto connect and talk to more students. 3) Not having a front desk setup is one of the manyways we keep our overhead down so we can offeraffordable yoga. 4) A cash-free space keeps our instructors safe. 5) Some of our venues have limited space and signing up online ensures you have a spot in a class.

Exception to the rule:

We wouldn't be an inclusive company if we only allowed people with bank accounts and reliable internet access to sign up for class. We will make a cash-and-punchcard arrangement with anyone who asks. The arrangement can be made by phone, email or in person with Casey (find her on the schedule) before the start of class.

A few of our offerings are flat rate.

While we love our sliding-scale, it doesn't work for everything. Our workshops and events are a flat rate.