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Backbends for Everybody: A Workshop | Digital Download

Backbends for Everybody: A Workshop | Digital Download


This is a downloadable 90-minute workshop. After checkout, you will be prompted to download an MP4 file.

Heart-opening is some of the most effective work we can do in our yoga practice to positively affect the way you see yourself and the world around you, and how you interact with others. Whether you are social distancing alone and feeling the pangs of isolation or in a living situation with others and having to navigate multiple people's responses to these stressful times, a more heart-centered approach to your practice can offer positive benefits on and off your mat.

Throughout this workshop, we will unpack how to safely explore these heart-opening postures, learn strength and mobility tips and drills, as well as a take deeper look at what backbending has to offer you as a transformational tool. This workshop is perfect for all levels — beginners and well-versed practitioners alike.

  • learn the fundamentals of backbending
  • how to begin a backbending practice
  • strength tips and drills
  • mobility tips and drills
  • focused look on an array of common backbending asana
  • progressions for how to continue deeper explorations
  • discussion on the benefits of backbending