How do I sign up for class?

Our class registration process is done entirely online. We didn't start out this way (there was a summer of cash bags and card swipes), but we've learned that we can be most effective with class time and teach all over the city if students take care of signups before they arrive. Also, some of our venues have limited space and signing up online ensures you have a spot in a class.

If I (or someone I know) doesn't have regular internet access and a bank account, can they still signup for class?

We wouldn't be an inclusive company if we only allowed people with bank accounts and reliable internet access to sign up for class. We will make a cash-and-punchcard arrangement with anyone who asks. The arrangement can be made by phone, email or in person before the start of class.

Are your drop-in classes suitable for beginners?

It depends😉If you are new to yoga but partake in regular activity (walking, hiking, cycling, etc.), drop-ins are a great place to begin. The teacher will offer many ways to try on poses based on different bodies and offer explanations of the poses. However, these are multi-level group classes that follow a moderate pace.

If you are interested in starting a movement routine or new to an active lifestyle, many of our series or private lessons may be a better option.

Who can use the community rate? 

Anyone, anytime, no restrictions. Our mission at Yoga Wild is to make yoga more accessible and inclusive. With our new studio and more drop-ins starting in June, we will offer a potentially FREE yoga class almost every day of the week. We understand that people give and support local businesses in different ways. Maybe you give by bringing a friend to class or posting a picture or writing a review. Our sliding scale pricing offers students a way to give that serves them best. Whether you show up for a drop-in and pay $10, $5, or good vibes ($0), we appreciate your support!

What do I wear to class?

For most yoga studios, yoga clothes and bare feet are the norm. We are a little different. We encourage comfortable clothes for class. Some spaces can be chilly depending on weather. We encourage layers (socks, sweatshirt, etc). Many students will start and end class with socks but peel them off in the middle. Wear and do what makes you comfortable.

Is your studio heated?

We aim to keep our studio at 85 degrees. Depending on season this may involve fans or a space heater.

Do you have mats to borrow?

Yes! We have a dozen mats in our studio and a dozen mats that travel to our outdoor classed.

Is there music in your classes?

Yoga Wild drop-in classes do not include music. We do offer special events that may include live music but that will be clearly stated in the description. Many of our offerings are downtown in the thick of urban noise or outside with nature sounds or a mix of both. Sometimes the sounds may be pleasant (bird songs) or distracting (ice buckets or sirens), plugging in to the sounds of the community or nature is another opportunity to practice yoga.

I'm running a few minutes late. Can I still attend?

Life happens, traffic happens, and (argh!) parking meters happen. If you arrive during the first 5 minutes of class, take a deep breath (it's okay!) and enter the space quietly and efficiently. If you are more than 5 minutes late, plan to come to another class. The early portion of class (integration) is necessary to warm up and prepare your body and mind for practice. Missing those essential components presents a safety risk.

I can't/didn't make it to a class for which I signed up. Will you issue a refund?

Drop-ins and Events: Email us at hello@beyogawild.com at least one day in advance for a full refund or credit, your choice. On the day of or after we can apply a credit to your account.

Series and Workshops: We will issue a full refund before the start of a series if  there is a waitlist and someone is available to sign up in your place. After the start of the series we can not fill the space therefore can not offer a refund. Email hello@beyogawild.com to request a refund and we'll do our best to fill your spot. 

I'm on the waitlist. How will I know if I get a spot in the class/series? 

Our booking system handles the waitlist automatically. If someone cancels their booking, the system will move the first person on the waitlist into the class. When this happens, you'll receive an email and text message notification so you'll know to come to class. Please do not come to class if you have not received a notification to do so.You won't be charged until you're moved into the class.