Work With Us

Would you like to join our Yoga Wild team? Are you passionate about your community? About nature? Yoga? 

At Yoga Wild, we teach community-inclusive yoga in the wilds of Tacoma. That means we pack our cars full of equipment, clean up bird droppings, sweep away ants, pick up garbage, scrub dirty mats, meet incredible people, work outdoors, create, talk about yoga, volunteer, and constantly get inspired by our community.

Still interested?

We are looking for karma yogis for set-up and clean-up, yoga teachers for upcoming drop-in classes, and yoga teachers interested in creating their own series inspired by nature and/or activism.

How To Apply

1. Email your resume and a cover letter answering the following questions to

  • What position are you interested in?
  • Please briefly describe your yoga path.
  • Share a fond nature memory.
  • What is your wild? What are you passionate about sharing or cultivating in your community?

  • 2. Phone interview with Casey
    3. In-person interview with Casey and Kelsey
    4. Submit bio and photo to
    5. Audition class
    6. Follow up/feedback from Casey

    Our Evaluation Process

    Yoga Wild teachers care. Care about their students, their community, their environment. We are looking for teachers who connect with everyone in the class. Teachers that choose their words carefully and leave their ego at the door. They love and respect yoga, movement, the body in all it's shapes. They are unique, authentic, have their own quirks and let their light shine. They are prepared and flexible, willing to make adjustments to their sequence based on the needs of the class. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have completed 200+ Hour Teacher Training, CPR certified and hold personal yoga insurance.

    Once You've Joined the Team

    1. Sign contract
    2. Submit 1099 information
    3. Join our scheduling app
    4. Submit background check authorization
    5. Promote your class